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Experience the Glory of Ramadan

Al Hadheerah Air-Conditioned Tent - Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

Cherish the spirit of Ramadan in the heart of the desert at the fully air-conditioned Al Hadheerah tent in Bab Al Shams.
Enjoy an extensive culinary feast featuring more than 10 live cooking stations for a completely unique Ramadan experience.
Delve into the traditions of ancient Arabia with mesmerising camel and horse caravan shows.

Traditional Iftar Experience

From sunset until 11.30pm

Daily Iftar and dinner buffet is available throughout the month of Ramadan.

Sunday to Wednesday 

AED 265 per person (including food, still water, Ramadan juices, soft drinks and Arabic coffee)

Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

AED 295 per person (including food, still water, Ramadan juices, soft drinks and Arabic coffee)

Children up to 4 years enjoy complimentary Iftar, 50% discount for children from 5 to 12 years old. Shisha is available only for guests aged 21 years and above.

Special Corporate Iftar packages for groups up to 400 guests are available:

Sunday to Wednesday

  • 20 to 50 guests AED 235 per person
  • 51 guests and above AED 205 per person

Thursday to Saturday

  • 20 guests and above AED 255 per person

Live Entertainment: Oud Player, Camel & Horse Caravan Show from Iftar till 10:30pm.

Advance bookings required.







Bab Al Shams Restaurant Reservations

Tel: +971 4 809 6194


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